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IT Technical Support and Maintenance Services

Flawlessly manage technical issues and periods of systems change while keeping your core team focused on service, with SAKKS advanced IT support and maintenance services.

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Years experience
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Certified experts
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Global reach
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Comprehensive IT Support services include

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    Reduce TCO of IT systems

    Our years of expertise ensure a smooth setup and robust support framework, allowing you to reduce TCO, as well as benefitting from faster issue resolution, better customer feedback and reduced expenditure on systems maintenance.

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    Transfer and manage duties and risks

    Your in-house team can stay engaged with your core business, while we take care of your IT infrastructure. We’re also on hand to provide after-hours support, for those unforeseen circumstances.

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    Overcome complex issues

    Our IT technical support and maintenance services offer two levels (L2 and L3) of support. The first gets you back on your feet quickly, following a failure. The second offers the most fundamental level of support for complex issues – helping you improve software by changing your program code.

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    Protect your IT solution

    We’ll help you identify problems and potential risks with your IT solution, then provide a swift resolution that gets you back up and running quickly, reducing revenue loss. We help you adapt to environmental, IT infrastructure and integration point changes, so your systems maintain operations even in a changing landscape.

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    Reinforce your skills

    We’re equipped with expert knowledge across multiple technological specialisms. So we’re well-placed to help you overcome technical issues, while also providing an integral advantage during periods of digital change. We’ll set up a knowledge base that ensures faster incident resolution and easier self-service for your end-users, so you’ll be ready to react to future change – sudden or otherwise.


Our support services provide a unique range of benefits

  • Cybersecurity and IT Policies

    We will assess your risks and implement a security strategy that will protect your business network against intrusion, malware, viruses, spam, and other hazards so that your employees work without disruption. We also ensure that all your data is safely backed up on cloud and at your workspace. Lastly you can rely on Sakks to train your staff and help you set up your company IT policies.

  • Visibility and Ease of Use

    We provide you with full visibility to your IT workspace through your own personalized IT dashboard. Here you can log requests and queries, monitor all the resolved and pending issues, see all your IT assets (including all devices and software), and follow stats on the type of requests put in so far. It’s never been easier to log a request, get instant IT support and feel in control of your overall IT network.

  • Specialized Certified Support

    You receive unlimited support from a large team of highly skilled, rigorously trained and certified technical resources across various IT disciplines (PC/MAC, servers, network, security, email and cloud). Whether it’s onsite or remote support, we ensure that you can always access support.

  • 24/7 proactive monitoring

    Our constant monitoring of your business networks and servers through a centralized hub allows us to proactively respond to alerts and prevent tech failures before they arise, ensuring your business experiences 100% continuity and virtually no downtime. As a result, you and your team will become more productive will focus on growing the business.

  • Data back-up and recovery

    We ensure the right backup infrastructure is setup through our system, tailored towards your backup needs with the goal to ensure your company’s data is recoverable at any point especially in the event of a failure or an unforeseen disaster.

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