The Educe Group relies on Sakks to power their learning, collaboration, performance management, and on-boarding programs, creating a closer, more effective virtual team.


The Educe Group wanted to provide their geographically dispersed team of professionals with improved access to organizational knowledge and a more efficient and effective means to collaborate to serve their clients better.

Educe Group is a large global organization. In order to reach all of the marketers within the different markets, what better way to do it than having one place where marketers can come and learn? And it will be a consistent learning approach.


  • Build a vital, dynamic, 24×7 community that incorporates many aspects of its organization – from business-critical functions to their Active for Life wellness program
  • Accelerate employee effectiveness and significantly improve response time to client issues – increasing client satisfaction
  • Empower individuals by improving access to information and expertise using proven enterprise social networking tools
  • Eliminate rework by capturing meetings, informal conversations, and other exchanges of information for later use
  • Streamline and enhance the new employee onboarding process and encourages individuals to take charge of their own learning to further their careers
  • Eliminate the need for a costly, complex technology infrastructure thanks to support by the Sakks Cloud


Educe’s business success relies on the speed of response – providing information and assistance that clients arelooking for as quickly as possible. With Sakks, the firm can much more effectively empower its employees.
“Any team has varied expertise – such as technical, functional or business process-oriented knowledge,” Reed remarked. “Because we’re so geographically dispersed, we needed a better way to empower people to quickly find what they require – without having to track down the one ‘expert’ who might well be tied up in a clientengagement or not able to respond due to travel or other issues.”
Sakks Cloud provides a variety of tools that have enabled Educe to create a more closely connected professionalcommunity. These tools include:
• Groups, discussion boards, blogs and activity streams tailored to specific needs or interests to encourage conversations rather than exchanging multiple emails
• Chat, high-definition video meetings integrated right into the solution, and desktop sharing for real-time collaboration that can be captured for later use
• Following subject-matter experts, skills and tagging, and social bookmarks to discover and learn from the best
• Unified searches that include not only document repositories but also blogs, groups, individual experts
and more
• Sakks Cloud pQ scores that measure and reward an individual’s engagement and influence.