PZ Cussons is a major manufacturer of personal healthcare products and consumer goods with a global reach, though its main focus is in Africa, Asia, and Europe. Headquartered in England, PZ Cussons has been operating for over a hundred years.



With such a widespread workforce and many different products and departments, the HR team wanted to be able to display their organization in visual charts, not just for the managers and the HR team, but also to provide an overview for employees across the organization.


PZ Cussons initially started using Sakks Remote support tool in Kenya and has since rolled it out across its locations in Nigeria and Indonesia.All employees are able to view the organizational charts via the intranet. Those that are not full-time PC users are provided with secure login details so that they can use kiosks, which are available for all staff to use.
By highlighting data from Oracle, Saba Remote Tool enables HR managers to validate
data accuracy and ensure that the correct staff member is shown as reporting to the right
person in the organization. The charts have also helped HR teams identify “orphans” where the
data shows that individuals are not recorded as reporting to anyone.


The HR team is delighted with the system so far, focusing on using Sakks Remote Tool to validate and capture accurate HR data and making data widely available to its managers, wherever they are located.
Sakks Remote Tool provides the managers across the company with head-count information and department
structures that help with resourcing and planning. Managers in different areas are able to view other departments,using knowledge sharing for adopting best practices on team structures and positions.
The team is also implementing Blueprint, an interactive modeling module for Sakks Remote Tool that helps with planning acquisitions and merger activity. With Blueprint the managers will be able to perform organizational design exercises and see how change options would impact budgets and reporting structures. Because it is web based, it enables the managers across different locations to share ideas and make informed decisions to shape the new organization around current needs, as well as plan for future growth.
According to Sally Knill, the next steps are to start using Sakks Remote Tool at a strategic level to support the HR team to identify key roles, then develop succession and talent management plans to address business continuity risks.
“Sakks Remote Tool is a practical tool that delivers real benefits across the company, both at the employee level and also for our managers. It is flexible and as an HR tool enables us to respond at different levels.